The Vantage QU4RTET AWS AMI Bundle

Vantage Solutions is proud to announce the first-of-its-kind QU4RTET Amazon EC2 AMI bundle. This virtual QU4RTET server image is a ready-to-deploy production-grade implementation of the open-source QU4RTET Level-4 platform and can be set up in minutes.

In this documentation you'll find instructions for a quick setup, a more advanced setup for production systems and an overview of the technologies the bundle utilizes.

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QU4RTET is a modern, modular, open-source Level-4 track-and-trace platform that enables you to both track your products throughout your supply chain and also meet regulatory requirements at the same time. QU4RTET has support for many of the GS1 supply chain standards around bar-coding, EPCIS, Core Business Vocabulary and trade item data.

QU4RTET is an open-source project maintained by SerialLab. It is free to use and there are no license fees. It is distributed under the GNU GPLv3 and GNU AGPLv3 licenses. For more information, see the SerialLab Website and the QU4RTET Website.

The source code can be found on The SerialLab GitLab home page.