Available Parameter Store Values

Your Vantage QU4RTET bundle is pre-configured to look in the amazon AWS Parameter Store for some configuration values, such as database URLs, passwords, etc. You can configure your QU4RTET instance to use RDS and S3 right from your browser, for example, without ever having to log into the QU4RTET instance.


To use parameters in the AWS Parameter Store to configure your QU4RTET instance, you'll need to follow the sections Add PARAMETER_GROUP to User Data and the AWS Systems Manager Configuration sections.

IMPORTANT If your instance is not configured with IAM to be a managed instance, and you have not set the the PARAMETER_GROUP value in your EC2 instance's User Data then the values in the parameter store will not be available to QU4RTET.

More on EC2 Managed Instances More on the EC2 Parameter Store

Available Parameters

Parameter Name Description Type
USE_AWS Default is False, set this to True to use S3 for storage. Boolean (True/False)
DJANGO_AWS_ACCESS_KEY_ID The AWS access key (see the S3 storage section below. String
DJANGO_AWS_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY The AWS secret access key (see the S3 storage section below. String
DJANGO_AWS_STORAGE_BUCKET_NAME The name of the S3 bucket created to hold QU4RTET storage (see the S3 storage section below). String
DATABASE_HOST The host URL or IP address of the database. This is typically the address of an RDS cluster server/instance String
POSTGRES_DB The name of the database to connect to- typically qu4rtet. String
POSTGRES_USER The user to connect to the database with. String
POSTGRES_PORT The port of the database. Default is 5432. String
POSTGRES_PASSWORD The password to use when connecting to the database. SecureString
DJANGO_SECRET_KEY The secret key Django uses to encrypt sensitive data. Make sure to change this value. SecureString
DJANGO_ALLOWED_HOSTS See the Django documentation on the ALLOWED_HOSTS setting. String
DJANGO_DEBUG See the Django documentation on the DEBUG setting String
DJANGO_MEDIA_URL See the Django documentation on the MEDIA_URL setting String
DJANGO_MAILGUN_API_KEY If you'd like to use MailGun for email. SecureString
DJANGO_SERVER_EMAIL The email address the server will use when sending emails. String
MAILGUN_SENDER_DOMAIN The sender domain you've configured for MailGun String
USE_SENTRY If you'd like to use Sentry logging/monitoring. Set this to True String
DJANGO_SENTRY_DSN Put your Sentry DSN here. SecureString
LOGGING_PATH You can customize where your logging files go for QU4RTET's Django logs. Default is /var/log/qu4rtet String
LOGGING_LEVEL You can set logging to INFO, WARNING, DEBUG or ERROR. Default is WARNING String
HTTPS_ONLY If you'd like to reject any traffic coming over HTTP (80), set this to True. String
AUDIT_TRAIL Set to True to enable model auditing. Warning: this will require a database migration if this is being set up for the first time. Boolean